TBILISI, DFWatch–While Ukraine is heroically fighting the aggressor and the Georgian people are strongly supporting it in this cause, a diplomatic row has broken out between Tbilisi and Kiev, causing embarrassment and shame for many Georgians. People gathered in the center of Tbilisi on Tuesday to show support for Ukraine and condemn the steps taken by the government during Ukraine crisis.

Opposition parties and civil society activists say this is a continuation of the “disgraceful” policy of the Georgian Dream government, which first refused to join its allies in imposing sanctions on Russia and then blocked the departure of Georgian volunteers to Ukraine.

In response, President Zelensky recalled ambassadors from Georgia on Tuesday.

“Our diplomats are right now implementing fair and absolutely necessary decisions regarding those states that have betrayed their word and international law. We will immediately recall the ambassador from Georgia – for creating obstacles for volunteers who want to help us. For immoral stance on sanctions,” the president said.

He made the same decision also for Kyrgyzstan.

About 30 Georgian volunteers were unable to take off from Tbilisi International Airport due to the fact that the Georgian government did not issue a landing permit for the aircraft they were supposed to fly to Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision was assessed as “incomprehensible” by the administration of the Georgian government and it reiterated that its support to the Ukrainian people remains unchanged.

“We believe that decisions of the Georgian government contradict national interests, ruin Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspiration and undermine the country’s international reputation,” reads a statement issued by Georgian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, which is an umbrella organization uniting over 200 CSOs.

“The Georgian government must take swift steps with Ukraine to repair the relationship. Otherwise, they should resign,” GNP states.