Under construction. Parliament is getting a new website after the old one was attacked by hackers. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The website of Georgia’s parliament was down during the weekend and IT specialists are still trying to repair it after it was hacked twice in the last two weeks.

Merab Gotsiridze, head of the informational technology department of parliament, says that the website is severely affected by the hacker attack. He says the system which was fully destroyed, is now being built up from scratch, because even if the old one is restored, it could easily be hacked again.

Gotsiridze says the website was not properly secured.

“The control panel from which the website is managed, is almost unprotected,” he said, adding that the control panel was first launched during the previous government.

He says parliament will have a completely new website in ten days which will have a different control panel.

The website was first hacked December 31, but the attack didn’t lead to so much problems as there is now and was quickly brought back up. Then the hackers left a message on the website that the security is very weak and they advised to solve the problem.

The Interior Ministry is studying the issue.