TBILISI, DFWatch — The new parliamentary majority plans to study the case of Givi Targamadze. He is a member of the National Movement party who according to Russian media has been helping the opposition in Russia to organize revolution.

A few days ago, Russian media reported that Leonid Razvozjayev, assistant of Ilya Ponomarev, member of the Russian Duma, gave a testimony to investigation according to which Givi Targamadze, former chair of Georgia’s parliamentary committee for defense and security, was financing riots on May 6 at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.

According to the reports, Razvozjayev by his own will appeared at the investigative body to give testimony.

In his testimony he in detail retells how turmoil was planned in the Russian Federation and he also said that Sergey Udaltsov, a Russian left-wing political activist, was one of the organizers.

The investigative body reports that Givi Targamadze was financing the attempt at creating turmoil.

A criminal investigation was launched against Sergey Udaltsov, a Russian left-wing activist, and two opposition representatives who are accused of organizing social turmoil. The basis for this move was a documentary called Anatomy of Protest 2, according to which the opposition might have been planning to claim power by violent means.

The authors of the movie claimed that Udaltsov and several Russian opposition representatives planned to gain power by foreign money and instructions. The film shows conceiled videos purporting to show Udaltsov receiving instructions from the Georgian politician Givi Targamadze.

Givi Targamadze chaired the parliamentary committee on defense and security in the Georgian parliament. He is considered as one of President Mikheil Saakashvili’s close associates. He is still represented in parliament, elected for the National Movement by party list.

Sergey Udaltsov claims he is innocent and denies having ties with Givi Targamadze, but Targamadze refuses negotiations with him claiming that he is ready to share experience of organizing peaceful revolution as representative of opposition force.

“Commenting on nonsense reported by Putin’s pocket television is below human honor. There was no such meeting. As I am in opposition for the second time, I am ready to cooperate with opposition of any country, including Putin’s opposition and of course my sympathies on fighting with Putin is unequivocally on their side,” he told Georgian journalists.

As for financial assistance, he says, opposition should find legal ways. Targamadze says he with pleasure would share experience of organizing peaceful revolution, as he cannot see anything criminal in this.

Georgia’s new parliament majority considers this topic is not subject to review on level of parliament.

Tina Khidasheli, representative of Georgian Dream, who should study noisy cases and chair investigative commission in parliament, told DF Watch that this issue is not subject for parliament commission to study, as it is issue for law enforcement bodies, who may study the case if necessary.