Tbilisi, DFWatch — Goga Zhvania, brother of the deceased prime minister Zurab Zhvania, says he is cooperating with the Prosecutor’s Office and is sure the case of his brother’s death will soon be reopened.

Goga was voted into parliament last October, representing the Georgian Dream coalition.

“I am sure this is the last anniversary [of Zurab Zhvania’s death, ed.] which we still meet with unanswered questions. I am sure next year all questions will be answered and people will learn the truth,” he says, adding that the details in this case prove this was a murder, but he cannot say more yet.

Eight years have passed since the death of Georgia’s former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania. He was found dead on February 3, 2005, in a flat in downtown Tbilisi. According to the official version, he died of natural gas poisoning, but the family still claims he was assassinated for political reasons.

Zurab Zhvania, former speaker of parliament and PM, was one of the ‘triumvirs’ of the Rose Revolution, alongside Mikheil Saakashvili and Nino Burjanadze. During the turmoil of the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was regarded as a pivotal figure in Georgia’s bid to join European institutions and NATO.

In October, 2001, he resigned as Speaker of Parliament, citing corruption in the government and attacks against freedom of speech. In July, 2002, Zhvania formed a new party called United Democrats, and a year and a half later, in November, 2003 he played a leading role in the Rose Revolution and after it succeeded became prime minister.

Zurab Zhvania’s death still is regarded as mysterious by many in Georgia and many politicians along with his family members don’t trust in his death’ accidental nature.