TBILISI, DFWatch — Bacho Akhalaia, a firm Saakashvili loyalist and former government official, has been ordered to appear at the prosecutor’s office for interrogation today at 20:30.

Archil Kbilashvili, Georgia’s new Chief Prosecutor, said at a special briefing today that prosecutors have started studying cases to be brought against Bacho Akhalaia, dealing with abuse of official position.

Akhalaia has held several positions within government while the National Movement Party of President Saakashvili was in power; first as Prison Minister, then Defense and then Interior Minister. He will be interrogated today with status as witness.

Kbilashvili says the cases deal with incorrect treatment of certain people, but he said he couldn’t go into detail because it is prohibited to publish that kind of information.

Akhalaia, whose last government post was as interior minister, is suspected of having been involved in the prison abuse scandal and other controversial cases. Yesterday, he stated that he has returned to Georgia and is ready to answer every question regarding his actions while being in government. He said he is responsible for every step he made.