(DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The number of victims of the flood in Tbilisi increased to 19 Tuesday evening, the Security and Crisis Management Council confirmed. 17 have been identified, while two are in the process of being identified.

One of the bodies was found in Mziuri Park, while the other was found in Gardabani on the bank of the River Mtkvari. Six are currently missing.

The list of confirmed victims is:

Malkhaz Chitadze, born in 1956, found in the zoo.
Guliko Chitadze, born in 1958, found in the zoo.
Givi Dvali, born in 1938, found in the zoo.
Mariam Kutelia, born in 1990.
Nana Pilishvili, born in 1971, found on Svanidze Street.
Zhana Egiazarova, born in 1967, Svanidze Street.
Svetlana Egiazarova, born in 1948, Svanidze Street.
Liana Egiazarova, born in 1950, Svanidze Street.
Indira Zarandia, born 1992, found in Vere Valley near the school.
Nata Ninashvili, born in 1973, found near the bank of the River Mtkvari.
Nugzar Buadze, born in 1979, found on the road on Kojori-Tskneti highway under landslide debris.
Nina Shutkova, born in 1955, found on Heroes Square.
Guram Petriashvili, born in 1937, found on Svanidze Street.
Karpo Enukidze, born in 1956, found near Mziuri.
Zurab Muzashvili, rescue worker, born in 1977, found in Mziuri park.
Ivlita Jibuti, born in 1991, found in Mziuri park.
Davit Gabitashvili, born in 1975, found in Mziuri park.

The following are still missing: Eliza Zarandia, born in 1989; Elizbar Baghashvili, born in 1961; Beka Buturishvili, born in 1981; Sergo Kapanadze, born in 1984; Suliko Nozadze, born in 1959; Ivane Gelashvili, born in 1961.