TBILISI, DFWatch – The acting president of the Georgia’s breakaway region South Ossetia claims the situation in the region is within the frames of the law. An opposition leader who was detained Thursday evening is still in hospital after suffering a stroke.

“Alla Dzhioyeva is ill and is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation,” said acting president Vadim Brovtsev.

Opposition leader and former presidential candidate Alla Dzhioyeva had a heart attack Thursday evening, the day before she was going to hold her inauguration. Earlier, an investigator from the prosecutor’s office had come by her campaign office, asking her to come with him, but she refused. She was to be interrogated as a witness regarding an attempt to break into a governmental building in late 2011.

After she said no to being interrogated, around fifteen persons in masks and camouflage fatigues broke into the headquarters and detained her and some of her supporters. During apprehension, she had a heart attack and was transferred to the hospital.

Some of her supporters claim she was beaten with a rifle butt and that her body had the injuries consistent with this. They say this was the reason she lost consciousness.

A correspondent for Ekho Kavkaza reports that since Saturday morning the somatic hospital of the region has resembled a military installation.

“At the entrance and the floors are on duty of the local riot police armed men, who carefully screen visitors,” she writes.

The reporter seems to have talked to the doctor of the ‘number one patient’ too. The doctor also mentions signs of a blow.

“A blow to the chest is likely; on the front surface of the chest, but it did not entail a certain fractures and skeletal injuries,” Doctor Constantine Gassiev says.

The acting president again mentioned the up-coming elections of March 25 promising that it will be maximally free, democratic and comply with the constitution of the de facto republic.

“There should be only one power in the republic. It must be tough and at the same time fair,” Ria Novosti quoted Vadim Brovtsev saying.

He became acting president when former president of the region Eduard Kokoity resigned December 10 as part of an compromise agreement with Alla Dzhioyeva after she refused to accept that the election she appeared to have won was canceled.

In mid January she withdrew her signature from the agreement, because authorities hadn’t fulfilled all their obligations, and set out to claim power and hold her inauguration February 10.

The conflict started in November, after the second round of the so-called presidential elections. Dzhioyeva seemed to beat her only competitor, but the Supreme Court annulled the results and scheduling new elections for March 25. This led to a 10 day protest by Dzhioyeva supporters.