Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Zezvaoba – a people’s celebration of 17th century hero

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(DF Watch.) Zezvaoba is a celebration held every year in the villages Zemo Alvani and Kvemo Alvani. It is a commemoration of Zezva Gaprindauli, one of the leaders of the Bakhtrioni uprising against the Persians in 1659. A ritual called Dalaoba is part of the program. There is also a horse race. Participants are [...]

Independence Day celebration in Tbilisi

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Georgia celebrated its Independence Day on May 26. U.S. soldiers participated in a oath taking ceremony for Georgian soldiers at Freedom Square in the center of Tbilisi. Rustaveli Avenue was closed off and a street fair offered entertainment for visitors. See our […]

A trip to Georgia’s savannah

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Vashlovani national park. (DFWatch) VASHLOVANI, DFWatch–A few hours east from Tbilisi lies a magical place, where lonely pistachio trees give shade to rear birds and rolling hills slowly turn into sharp limestone cliffs, which once were deep under a sea. Vashlovani National Park was established […]