TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s Interior Ministry says one person has been arrested for smuggling explosive material to Zugdidi, after crossing the administrative border line with Georgia’s breakaway region Abkhazia.

“Explosive material was seized by the Sappers Division of Special Operations Center of Interior Ministry,” the Ministry writes.

Near the Prosecutor’s Office in Zugdidi, which borders on Abkhazia, police discovered an explosive device and rendered it harmless. The device was found yesterday night, but police did not provide any details.

Several Georgian online news sites who have correspondents at the site report that the device was a kind of package wrapped in black. They also report that police restrict them from using video cameras to capture what is happening.

The investigation is handled by the inheritor to the Soviet KGB, the Constitutional Security Department, which is a domestic intelligence unit underneath the interior ministry and, locally called “Kudi”.