TBILISI, DFWath–Heavy rain on Saturday flooded more than 60 houses in Kakheti, a region in eastern Georgia .

Rivers burst their banks and water flowed into the first floors and basements in the village Kistauri, in the Akhmeta region.

Water destroyed home equipment and furniture, and poultry was killed.

Emergency service employees are helping locals to remove the water from basements. It is not raining in Kakheti right now.

Houses were flooded in the village Napareuli as well. The rivers Alazani and Lopota burst their banks.

Representatives of the regional development ministry and ministry of agriculture are in Kakheti to study the situation and meet affected families.

About 3000 families were left without electricity on Sunday due to safety measures in Telavi and Akhmeta regions, Information Center of Kakheti reports. Water damaged drinking water pipes in Khodasheni and the population doesn’t have water yet.

Heavy rain also flooded Alaverdi Monastery Complex in Kakheti, where cleaning works are now in progress.