Marine Chitashvili,

Thank you for your letter and for citing many of the interesting issues that the survey brings to light. We also thank you for your comments supporting our representative sampling methodology on the March 26 showing of “Tskheli Khazi.”

As my colleagues mentioned to you when you last met with them in January, NDI is an independent organization with diverse programming in Georgia. One aspect of our programming is to conduct public opinion polls which measure, among other things, Georgian’s public attitudes towards democracy, development and other priority issues. As an independent organization we do not coordinate our polling with any other organization. The sampling methodology, which you criticize in your letter, is to the high standards of CRRC, an organization on whose advisory board you serve.

Looking at the broader picture, however, we would hope that the public discussion focuses on the issues that the poll highlights, which you remarked on and which we believe to be substantive. This, more than anything else, would be to the benefit of everyone in Georgia.



Luis Navarro

NDI Georgia