TBILISI, DFWatch–23 people have registered as candidates in the upcoming presidential election in Georgia, according to the Central Election Commission.

There were 54 applications, out of which 31 were rejected due to various reasons. 42 of the applications came from an initiative group, while 12 came from political parties. Only seven of the 23 are qualified subjects, which means that they will get free commercial time on the TV channels.

Candidates can withdraw their candidacy until October 17, ten days before Election Day.

37 local and 23 international organizations have registered to observe the election. In addition, 18 media organizations are registered as observers.

Ten out of the 23 approved candidates are from political parties, the rest are from initiative groups, many of them unknown to the public.

The election on October 27 will mark the transfer of most of the executive power from the president to the prime minister.