TBILISI, DFWatch – A 22 year old woman has died at a maternity hospital in Telavi, a town in Eastern Georgia.

Khatira Ukanova delivered a baby by Caesarean section on July 2. Three days later she was let go home, but yesterday she was submitted to hospital because of deteriorating health. Then she had an operation.

Her death was reported Friday. Her family says they suspect that Khatira may have died Thursday during the operation.

The hospital’s director says doctors did their best to save her, but family members blame the doctors for not doing the operation correctly.

“The wounds in her womb had closed. After the operation the patient was better, but she died of lung failure at dawn,” hospital director Avto Kambarashvili said.

In June, a 27 year old mother died after a Caesarean section at a hospital in Khoni near Kutaisi in the west of the country.