TBILISI, DFWatch–Police in Georgia have detained a 20 year old man who is accused of raping and bringing an 11 year old boy to the point of suicide.

The boy who was raped is dead. Investigators think he committed suicide, but the relatives are sure he didn’t kill himself, but that the offender killed him to hide the traces, as the child threatened him that he would tell everything to his cousins.

Tuesday some people burned down the house of the offender. People from the village where the incident took place demand proper punishment for the accused and want his family to be forced out from the village.

Burning down the house and resettling a family is an old tradition in Georgia which still remains in some villages. It used to be a form of punishment for severe crimes. Locals from the village want this tradition to be fully enforced, as they don’t like the official charges against the offender.

The investigation is based on suspicion of sexual violence and bringing to the point of suicide, which carries a sentence of from 15 to 20 years in prison. But people from the village in Kharagauli want more a severe punishment.

The 11 year old boy’s suicide was reported about a week ago. He attempted suicide in front of his younger siblings. He wanted to hang himself and neighbors heard his siblings shouting. When they finally came, they helped to get him down.

The 11 year old was taken to hospital unconscious, and died the next day without regaining consciousness.

Neighbors say the kid has loving parents, who were out during the tragedy. They usually left their other son and daughter with him to take care of. He didn’t have problems at school, and they see no reason why he should have tried to commit suicide.

The 20 year old man detained Tuesday is a neighbor of the boy.