TBILISI, DFWatch – “What is happening in the Tskhinvali region can not be called elections,” Davit Bakradze, Georgian Speaker of Parliament said Monday at a parliamentary session to discuss the developments in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia.

Alla Dzhioyeva and Anatoly Bibilov were pit against eachother in the second round of the de facto presidential elections November 27.

According to preliminary results, Dzhioyeva is heading for a decisive victory, but the final results won’t be announced for another five days. Meanwhile, Tskhivali authorities are mobilizing riot police in anticipation of civil unrest when the results are announced.

In the first round November 13, Alla Dzhioyeva was declared the winner by French news agency AFP and others, because she seemed to have a clear margin, but when the final results were published she was a fraction of a per cent behind assumed Kremlin favorite Bibilov.

Bakradze claims that the elections are illegitimate and that the position of the international community remains the same.

“An election means expressing the people’s choice and position. While thousands of our co-citizens aren’t given the opportunity to return to their homes and express their position and choice, until then, what is currently taking place in so-called South Ossetia cannot be called elections,” the Speaker of Parliament said.