Government to rent houses for socially vulnerable families

by | Nov 1, 2012

Tbilisi, DFWatch — The new government wants to solve the problems for different groups in society that have broken into abandoned buildings recently.

Davit Sergenko, new health minister, said Wednesday that the government is taking action to solve problems that socially vulnerable people are having. There has been several break-ins at different facilities recently.

The action plan involves studying each case, observe the number of people taking part in the squatting and let them fill in a questionnaire.

The minister says the number of people who until now have been involved in squatting is about 1 660.

“Social workers will visit them to fill in questionnaires, which will give us an opportunity to have additional information to what we have in the database of socially vulnerable,” he said, explaining that it will give an opportunity to differentiate how many people are really poor and how many are artificially part of the break-ins.

Social workers have already visited 16 properties out of a total of 50 that have seen such squatting.

The minister says the procedure will help find out what additional help those people need; and also to find out if there is at least one person in those families eligible to work in order to propose jobs.

“The main goal is to allocate a budget to satisfy the most vulnerable families by renting flats.”

Davit Sergenko says the procedure will end by the weekend. In four or five days, the ministry will study the data and at the end of next week, the most vulnerable families may already get rents.

Parliament election was held on October 1, by which Georgian Dream coalition gained victory. The opposition force which won gave hope to different category of people in Georgia. A wave of strikes and worker protest started, while owners of various private property claim starting court fight to return back what they owned and what they claim the government took from them illegally. Except socially vulnerable people, refugees from Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia also started breaking into buildings said they deserved to be given a place to live.


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