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Proactive Transparency in Georgia

by | Nov 18

The “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” has been conducting monitoring the level of informational transparency of the official web-pages of public institutions of Georgia for already a few years, starting from 2009. The results of the 2010 study, the evaluation parameters and the methodology are placed on the web-site of the institute: It should be noted that a study of this type is quite innovative and refers to the 21st century trend - institutionalization of E-democracy and E-transparency; especially as internet globally has become one of the most accepted forms of direct communication between the government and the citizens. The same trend is observed in Georgia, where the number of internet users is growing annually. According to World Bank data, there were 1.3 million internet users in Georgia in 2009, or 30% of the population – The electronic accessibility of public information is one of the most crucial components for the development of electronic transparency. The State Authorities possess significant public information regarding different social, economic and financial issues. At the same time, the release of such kind of ...


Access to public information in Georgia

by | Oct 22

“According to the survey, which was carried out in 80 counties of the world, Georgia is the first country after New Zealand in terms of the most effective and transparent functioning of the state office. Nothing to say about Russia, Venezuela and other countries, even France, Germany and Japan are behind us in the list of the survey. This is the result of the reforms that we, all together, holding the last few years. It’s a pride that I have as a result of your activities. Let’s remind where we were 6-7 years ago and where we are now” – said Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia, on October 19, 2011 at the meeting with public officials. In fact, if we look at the results of the research, which covered 80 countries, implemented by the trustworthy international non governmental organizations (“Centre for Law and Democracy”, “Access Info Europe”, “International Budget Partnership”), we’ll discover that Georgia is one of the top countries in terms of access to public information and significantly ahead of an institutionally strong democratic states ...

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