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So what about the NATO-Georgia relation?

by | May 21

On 11th of May Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty published an interview with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. It might not raise big interest amongst Georgian media if it would not be right before the NATO Summit on May 20-21, and the question about Georgia


NGOs’ proposal: concrete step towards fair elections

by | May 15

Last week was remarkable due to the activities of a number of NGOs (such as TI Georgia, GYLA, ISFED, Coalition for Free Choice, Media Coalition and others), which several months ago started a civic movement called “This Affects You Too”, writes Eka Gigauri, executive


Is Georgia’s government still trying to improve the investment climate?

by | Feb 2

The Georgian public is already used to multiple amendments to different laws, which dramatically change regulation principles in different areas in the country. We also got used to the fact that some of the changes are introduced to the parliament and adopted by the legislator


Is Georgia a part of, or apart from, the Open Government Partnership?

by | Dec 3

In September 2011,Georgiaopenly announced its aspirations to become a part of Open Government Partnership.  Unfortunately,Georgia’s population is not aware of what kind of commitmentsGeorgia’s government must make in order to become a member of OGP. It is, no doubt,  a positive step for Georgia if our government takes and implements obligations to open   our government for the wider public and  decides to be more accountable and transparent, which will allow  the public to influence the decision making process and be aware of information they have a right to know. Generally, the OGP has been in large part pushed forward by the USA. On his first day in Office, President Obama signed the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, aiming to bridge the gap between ordinary people and the government. To do this his Administration was going to write the new ethics rules in order to prevent lobbyists from entering the government in order to pursue their interests. In other words, the administration was supposed to find ways to reduce the influence of special interests. In addition to this, the administration had ...


Risk of corruption in Georgia

by | Nov 4

“Georgia is number one country fighting corruption”- we frequently hear this message from Georgian Government. Government representatives talk about the achievements in fighting corruption but their opponents underline number of failures in this regards. There are also talks about elite corruption as well and some people think such kind of corruption exists in the upper bureaucracy in Georgia. By defining corruption we should remember that this is not purely bribery but also the abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government officials for personal gain. Taking into consideration this definition can we really say that the whole anti corruption system of the country is in perfect condition? Can we really be sure that there is no opportunity for abuse of power in the country with weak parliament, judiciary, media and civil society, the institutions which primary mission is to oversee the executive branch? I think in these circumstances we can say that in spite of some achievements the anti-corruption system of Georgia has rooms for improvement. This was proved by the National Integrity System (NIS) assessment, which was conducted ...

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