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It was inevitable, if not in 2008 it would erupt later: Hamilton on August War

by | Aug 11

Anna Kalandadze of Voice of America/Georgia spoke to Robert Hamilton, Professor of Eurasian Studies at US Army War College on his recollections of Russo-Georgian war of 2008 and where the country is going ten years after. 


William Courtney: Russia might seek to annex Abkhazia

by | Aug 18

William Courtney, former US Ambassador to Georgia told Voice of America’s Anna Kalandadze that “President Putin’s August 8 visit underlined Moscow’s apparent determination to retain control of Abkhazia despite the costs to Russia’s international reputation. But the Kremlin


I hope there will be a dialogue about selling Georgia anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons: policy specialist

by | Jul 30

Voice of America’s Anna Kalandadze spoke to Daniel Kochis, a Europe policy specialist in the Margaret Thatcher’s Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation, a US Conservative think tank, ahead of US Vice President’s visit to Tbilisi.


Coffey: Trump’s finally come to the realization that Russia is not partner for U.S.

by | May 27

To assess the visit of NATO Parliamentary assembly to Tbilisi, Georgia, discuss future of Transatlantic relations and Pres. Trump's visit to Europe Voice of America's Anna Kalandadze spoke to Luke Coffey, Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy,


Alexandra Hall Hall: Georgian PM explores getting a free trade agreement with the U.S.

by | May 15

To assess the recent visit of Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili to the U.S., Voice of America’s (VOA) Anna Kalandadze interviewed British diplomat and a political observer Alexandra Hall Hall.


State Department: US is concerned by the impact of Supreme Court decision in Rustavi 2 case

by | Mar 3

"The United States is concerned by the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Rustavi 2, which could limit the access of opposition voices to Georgian broadcast media. A pluralistic media environment is essential for Georgia’s democratic growth and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. We urge the Georgian government to take steps to ensure that the media environment remains free, open, and pluralistic," State Department states in a comment provided to Cyndi Saine and Anna Kalandadze of Voice of America on March 3. "The news is troubling, although not entirely unexpected,” Paul Stronski, Carnegie endowment Russia and Eurasia fellow in Washington DC, commented by an email to Anna Kalandadze, Chief of VoA Georgian service. “There has been a controversy over the ownership structure for years.  Whatever happened to the station ten years ago under the Saakashvili government is beside the point today.  Rustavi 2 plays an important role as an independent voice and independent media is needed in Georgia, particularly after the Georgian Dream’s decisive win in the October elections. Reiterating the Saakashvili era without end does little to address urgent issues of today and I certainly hope that voices ...


Paul Goble: I fear that Trump will largely ignore countries like Georgia

by | Jan 22

To assess the latest developments in the domestic and foreign affairs of Georgia, Voice of America’s (VOA) Anna Kalandadze interviewed Washington-based long-standing Eurasia observer Paul Goble. The Georgian-language interview first appeared on VOA.  Here is an English version:


Atlantic Council Vice-President: Perhaps it’s time to go on the offensive

by | Jan 9

To assess the visit by three top US Senators, John Mccain (R- AZ), Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Amy Klobucher (D-MN) to Georgia and Ukraine, Voice of America’s (VOA) Anna Kalandadze interviewed  Washington-based Damon Wilson, Executive Vice-President of US Atlantic Council.


William Courtney: It won’t be easy for Trump to make big changes in US policy towards Russia

by | Nov 28

William Courtney, Former US Ambassador to Georgia and currently with the RAND Corporation in Washington DC, shared his views on the US President Elect Donald Trump's foreign policy agenda with Anna Kalandadze of Voice of America's Georgian service. 

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